Digital Creativity in the Classroom

Pre-Course Tasks

Digital Imaging Essentials

Introduction to Animation

Video in and Beyond the Classroom

Blogging for the classroom and sharing working online

Reflect and Review

Final Assignment

I teach from a student-centered environment rather than teacher-centered at the college level. I also teach online. Lesson plans are not something I create. The majority of the assignments I have my students do are open ended with objectives per unit or module.



Assessment (see rubric below):

All Points Most Points Some Points No Points
Time Final video 1:00 minutes. Final video is a little too long/short. Final video seems to have lots of wasted time. Final video either extremely long or extremely short.
Voice Use of clear voice and correct, precise pronunciation of terms. Voice is clear. Most words pronounced correctly. Voice is low. Incorrectly pronounces terms. Difficulty hearing presentation. Mumbling, incorrectly pronounces terms, and speaks too quietly for hearing presentation.
Graphics Use of graphics explained and reinforced in video. Use of graphics related to concept. Occasionally uses graphics that rarely support video. Uses crazy graphics or no graphics.
Knowledge Demonstrates full knowledge by clearly explaining concept. At ease with concept, but fails to elaborate. Uncomfortable with concept and is able to only explain basic idea. Does not have grasp of information; cannot explain concept.
Organization Information is presented in a logical, interesting sequence which the viewer can follow. Information is presented in a local sequence which the viewer can follow. Viewer has difficulty following presentation because video jumps around. Viewer cannot understand video because there is no sequence of concept.