IEASC Online Collaboration/Assessmnt Role Playing Assignment

This is a required assignment in the TEC 969 Course

Solution Role Play

Online collaboration challenges and possible solutions for online teachers

Based on the scenario, I would have the teachers be “students” and the administrators be “teachers”.


  1. Students are actively participating in discussion boards using texting lingo. Some of the students cannot figure out what other students are talking about. How would the teacher correct this problem?
  2. Students are not posting to the discussion board. There is no requirement that they have to, but collaboration is not happening. How would the teacher encourage collaboration even without a requirement?
  3. Students are only signing into the class once a week. The teacher notices that they are not accomplishing all of their work. What tools could be used to help the students sign in more often?
  4. One student is constantly doing more work than the others in a group project. The students who are doing the work collaborate with one another rather than the members of their group. What steps can the teacher incorporate to make sure that collaboration stays within the specified group?


  1. The administrators should reflect on how they felt as teachers as well as what was going through the minds of each student.
  2. The teachers should reflect on what it was like to be a student. They should also discuss whether the “teacher” was effective in obtaining a resolution.

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