My name is Amy Graff and I'm working on a Web Design & Development certificate from UC Irvine Extension. I've also been taking Adobe courses at UCLA Extension for over a year while working on a career change. I keep trying to decide whether or not to go through the DCA Program. At the present time, I am finishing my doctorate in Instructional Technology and teaching college level chemistry courses at a junior college.

Through UCIrvine Extension I have taken a number of web design & development courses. I just completed a JavaScript course last quarter. I'm currently taking Creating Web Applications with HTML5 and Creating Websites for Mobile Devices. I'm also finishing two graduate courses the week of the 27th and then starting a new one the week of July 4th.

I really enjoy being a perpetual student as well getting away from "the books". I've recently taken up photography and love it. I also enjoy doing things outdoors. At the end of July, I'm taking one of my 3000+ miles trips (by car) to Michigan and Ohio to see botanical gardens and zoos. Of course, while in Ohio I will be going back to The Ohio State University area where I went to school previously.

I'm looking forward to an exciting a fun summer learning more and more about CSS and how to use it better. Here's to a great term with lots of new experiences.

Links to homework: