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Week 1

Reading:  The Art & Science of CSS -  Ch.1  "Headings"

Homework: Upload a 3 page website. Be sure to implement the 62.5% font sizing strategy with a Web safe font selection. Website will be composed of the following pages:

  • Main page (index.html): A self-introduction
  • Contact form: form requesting bean name for the grading matrix (make sure to include all of the elements presented in the screencasts).
  • Thank You page: timed HTML redirect page that is only accessible after the form has been completed. The redirect should take you back to the Home page.

Week 2

Reading: The Art & Science of CSS - Ch. 5  "Forms" 

Homework: Convert Response-O-Matic form code to standards-based form code. Style form with external CSS.

Week 3

Reading: The Art & Science of CSS - Ch. 4 "Navigation" & Ch. 6 "Rounded Corners"

Homework: Convert vertical navigation menu into a horizontal tabbed menu & create a least 1 rounded corner

Project 1 Due

  • 3 pages total: homepage, form page, and thank you page
  • All pages must (mostly) validate according to W3C validation standards
  • Must use web safe fonts
  • Implement 62.5% font sizing strategy
  • Implement YUI CSS Reset
  • Implement at least one rounded corner for container div
  • Create a tabbed navigation menu with an image sprite

Week 4

Reading: The Art & Science of CSS - Ch. 7 "Tables"

Homework: Construct an accessible table that is styled with an external style sheet, and have rounded corners via a jQuery plug-in known as jQuery Corners (part 1).

Accomplish the points listed below

  • Implement ALA Holy Grail layout
  • Update columns according to videos
  • Create accessible table
  • Externalize all JavaScript
  • Add pop-up multimedia player
  • Implement YUI CSS reset
  • Add :hover effect to column row
  • Validate page

Week 5 & 6

Final Project Due

  • 1 page total
  • Demonstrate your ability to implement and edit the Holy Grail layout.
  • Create an accessible table. Table must contain a summary, <caption>, <thead>,  header scope attribute, the colspan attribute, <tfoot> and <tbody>. 
  • Table imagery should be pulled from one large image sprite. Do not use multiple images for individual thumbnails.
  • Demonstrate your ability to implement Javascript in to you page. The Javascript must provide you page with the following functionality: popup, table sorting, and rounding corners. All Javascript must be in an external document.
  • Design should look consistent across multiple browsers. Use the YUI CSS reset towards this end.
  • All CSS must be in an external style sheet. No embedded CSS styles.
  • All pages must (mostly) validate according to W3C validation standards