CHEM 1000 - Information

Welcome Announcement

Welcome to CHEM 1000: Introduction to Chemistry. In this course we will be learning the basic ideas behind chemistry. We will also be relating everyday concepts to chemistry.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with the Syllabus. This course is broken into Units rather than weeks. One of your first assignments will be an introduction. All of the information needed for postings will be in the Learning Modules as well as the Discussions. Please make sure you read about the homework system, ALEKS, in the Unit 1 folder in the Learning Modules link. You were emailed the code that is necessary to register online. Your initial assessment is due the first day of class by 11:59 pm.

I'm here to help. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the Q & A Forum on Blackboard, send me an email, or text me. I look forward to "meeting" each of you. Welcome to the course and let's have a great term.

Polyatomic Ions and Required Elements

Since this an online class and there are other factors that cause stress when taking online exams, you are required to memorize two lists:

  1. elements
  2. polyatomic ions

You will be tested weekly beginning the first full week of classes, so that you are prepared for the chapter on nomenclature (chapter 5). When memorizing your elements, you must learn the element and the symbol. When memorizing the polyatomic ions, you must learn the name (always ends in ion) and the symbol including the charge (the superscript).

I have created flashcards for these two categories to help you learn them. The flashcards are online so that you can use them from any device.

ALEKS Homework



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